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Prescription Refills:

If you routinely take prescribed medication(s), it is important you not run out of those medications.

Always watch your supply of medication(s) closely and plan ahead to allow adequate time for your prescription(s) to be refilled. We will process your prescription refill request(s) within 48 business hours.

  1. Always call our office when you are getting low on your medication.
  2. When calling in to the office, please follow the phone prompts to the RX/Test Result line (prompt 5), please leave a detailed message with your name, DOB, medication, dosing and preferred pharmacy. *The refill line is checked daily
  3. All controlled substances require a 3 month controlled substance appointment and refills must be picked up in the office. Maintenance medications still require a yearly physical or 3-6 month planned visit for chronic conditions for refills to be given.
  4. Have your prescription bottle(s) of the medication(s) needing to be refilled with you when you call the pharmacy, so you are able to provide the pharmacy with all of the necessary information.
  5. Please allow our office 2 business days to process the refill request.
  6. Your provider will review your medical chart to determine if and how many refills are needed. You may be required to make an appointment before further refills are authorized for some medications. A medical assistant or front office receptionist will call to schedule an appointment.
  7. You should only need to call our office if there is a problem with your refill.
  8. Note: We are no longer accepting electronic refills from local pharmacies. We ask that our patients contact the office directly for future refills. Please note the 2 business day refill policy.

Please note refill requests are processed Monday through Friday.